WMCW Member Survey

Dear WINDS Members,

We hope you have enjoyed your time off from the ensemble and are ready for another wonderful season of music making. As we have reached the 40th anniversary of the creation of the West Michigan Concert Winds, Jake Lubbers and Bob Tuttle have created a way to capture and share the history and spirit of its musicians. Please tell us your story! The survey below is for us to better understand how you came to play in the WINDS and where you would like to see the WINDS in the future. 

Thank you in advance for your participation!

The 40th Anniversary Planning Committee

Please complete by October 4th.


WMCW Member Survey

This form is closed. Please contact your school for further information.

2020 Tour Information

Many of you know that the WINDS are planning a European tour in 2020. Two proposals are being considered; both quotes are for 10-day trips so for comparison.  Both include 3-4 performances during the tour.

Below are two documents of sample itinerary's for a possible Scotland/Ireland Tour or a France Tour.  These are not finalized as changes to duration of the trip and places visited can be altered.

Scotland/Ireland Tour Sample Itinerary

France Tour Sample Itinerary