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October 22, 2023 - Getting to Know You

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Getting to Know You Zoom Meeting Recording


Scotland Ireland Trip Update - 4/7/2023

In 2019, when we were planning a WINDs trip to Ireland and Scotland, we would have never guessed the world was going to turn upside down!  But through it all, our love of music and our love of sharing our music has not faltered.   On-line, locally, and finally again internationally!

We are setting up a trip to Ireland and Scotland in 2024, departing June 8th and returning June 18th.  And what a fabulous trip this will be, with four performances and stops in Edinburgh, Dublin, Galway City, and the Burren region, to name a few.  Attached is the proposed itinerary for your review.

We will soon be asking you to make a travel decision, with our first down payment due August 1st, 2023.  To ask you for this level of commitment, we want to provide you with an estimate of total costs.

  1. Tour Package Price:  $3032 (double) or $3484 (single)
  2. Group Airfare:  $1108
  3. Travel Insurance:  $414 (double).  Rates vary, but 10% of total cost is a standard estimate.  Rates can be found at
  4. Meals Not Provided (estimated using United States Government per diem):  $300
  5. Bus to Airport:  $50
  6. Large Instrument Baggage (split across all travelers): $60

Total Estimated Expected Cost Per Person:  $4964 (double) or $5416 (single).

For individuals who were traveling with the WINDs on the 2020 tour, we have $192.33 per person that has not been reimbursed.  Our initial down payment will be $250.  The money from the 2020 tour that has not been reimbursed may be used as part of this down payment.  For those not traveling with the WINDs in 2024, the money will be reimbursed.

For our next step, we will be setting up a short Zoom Q&A with Brian Clissold, Kaleidoscope Adventures. Brian is our tour consultant for this trip.  Details on the Zoom call will be sent shortly.  

Musical adventure awaits!  We hope you will join us.

Gail and Susan

Questions or Comments: Email [email protected]

Attachments: Proposed Itinerary

2024 Trip Calendar