2024 Tour Questions and Answers

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(1)  Question: Is it possible to fly on the same flight as the group travel, but upgrade to business or first class?  Answer:  Yes.  Once group travel has been made, upgrades can be arranged by Kaleidoscope.  Group flight numbers will be provided for anyone who wishes to book their own flights but coordinate times.  

(2)  Question:  Will there be a sign-up for people to find roommates in order to book a double room?  Answer:  Yes.  After sign-up we will determine who is looking to share a room and provide that information.

(3)  Question:  When will group travel be booked?  Answer:  Approximately August 2023

(4)  Question:  I have points with certain hotels.  Can I stay there versus in the group hotel?  Answer:  No.  The Kaleidoscope rates are proprietary, so will not be shared.  Consequently, we cannot break apart the package price.  Moreover, negotiated rates are contingent on a certain number of travelers, so Kaleidoscope will not allow the group to break apart.  

(5)  Question:  Will the tour busses have toilets?  Answer:  Yes, all busses will have toilets.  It is unknown at this time if the busses will have WiFi.

(6)  Question:  What currencies are used in Ireland and Scotland.  Answer:  The Euro is used in Ireland and the Sterling Pound in Scotland.

(7)   Question:  Will we have time to tour the Temple Bar District in Dublin?  Answer:  There is a limited opportunity the first evening in Dublin.

(8)   Question:  When will rehearsals for the trip music be scheduled?  Answer:  An intensive music rehearsal weekend will be scheduled in Spring 2024 and then there will be rehearsals throughout April 2024.

(9)  Question:  Will there be a procedure and help for loading and unloading equipment?  Answer:  Yes.  There will be an equipment manager that stays with the bus to help with loading and unloading.  However, the band will have to assist with set-up.

(10)  Question:  What weather should be expected?  Answer:  Slightly cooler than June weather in Michigan.  Expect rain showers, so bring a raincoat.

(11)  Question:  What meals are included in the package price?  Answer:  All breakfasts and dinners.  Lunches will be on the traveler.  Using US Government per diem rates, it is estimated that lunches will cost approximately $300.

(12)  Question:  When do sign-ups start for the trip?  Answer:  Approximately June 1st, 2023.

(13)  Question:  What credit cards are accepted in Ireland and Scotland?  Answer:  Visa and Master Card.  American Express is not accepted.

(14)  Question:  What will be our departure city?  Answer:  The departure city will likely be Chicago.  However, that will not be finalized until group travel is made.

(15)  Question:  Will there be a bus to the airport?  Answer:  Yes.

(16)  Question:  When the group flies from Edinburgh to Dublin, will large instruments be allowed to ride in the equipment van with the percussion?  Answer:  Yes.

(17)  Question:  What is the expiration cut off date on a passport?  Answer:  Generally 6 months prior to departure, but Brian Clissold, Kaliedoscope, will check to see if that has changed.

(18)  Question:  Does group travel have to be on an American carrier?  Answer:  No.

(19)  Question:  What are the baggage pound limits before extra charges are incurred?  Answer:  This will be determined after group travel is made.